I been a gambler for years by now
Apr 25th, 2013 by admin

I’ve been playing a lot of casino games online here for a while. Been doing it on a daily basis for about a year or so, it gives me a real good time and helps me wind down after a long and arduous day a work (which basically all days at my job are). My favorite casino game at this point is without a shadow of a doubt the slots. I used to prefer blackjack and similar games but a couple of months ago I came across this great online slots blog and since that day it’s all about the slots. I like the action and the speedy feeling you get from slots gaming. Of course, I still enjoy blackjack and roulette and all those classic games cause they’re basically irreplaceable if you’re serious about your online gaming experience which I am to a large extent so to speak.

Need new tyres fast
Jun 30th, 2012 by admin

I need as set of cheap tyres and I need them fast. See, the old ones are not to well, actually there are hardly anything left of them. It’s most likely highly dangerous to be driving around with at all. Besides if damned peelers pull me over with those crappy pieces fitted to my car I’ll probably get a juicy ticket which I really wouldn’t like much at all here man. I can’t afford such a thing either, since generally you need to pay your ticket within two after you get them or something like that. The tyres are a different matter, perhaps I could make some kind of down payment deal there or something and just pay like a tenth of the total a month or thereabouts, would definitely be sweet and more or less necessary as I don’t have much money right now and the cash I’ve got, well I need now.